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Hello! I'm Candice! Guess what my job is? Oooh! How did you know? I must get around a lot more than I thought! But just in case I get into trouble for not telling you, even though you know, I am the one that gets to review each and every artist! I mean, what an ideal job! I love meeting new people, telling them all about the erotic sensations in the pages of our sites. Leading them on a glorious trail of sensual imagination. Are you ready for the ride? It's your turn!

Let me introduce the scintillating artistry work of VYX! And what a delicious dish this is going to serve you! It flows with fantastical imagery of sultry Amazons, holds your eye to the creepy aliens and oozes into a tale of sex'sational vixen within a fantasy of lost ships. It's everything you could want and more and it makes one feel the beauty and strangeness. I was more than impressed! I was stunned! Every picture tells a tale and every tale within the pictures grips that wild needy sexuality that just exudes from our pores! You won't want to miss this, I know I couldn't wait to get in and leaving wasn't an option I could hold in my pretty pink haired head! I told you it was a ride didn't I? A ride of every sensation, mind boggling eroticism and a plethora of the finest curl of toes you'll ever find! And that's just the beginning! Have I whetted your appetite? Then come on in, don't worry, I'll be with you the entire time.

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