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Hi! How are you!? Great! It's always good to start off great! Or is it the other way around? Hmm. Well no matter! I'm Candice and I get to be your reviewer! I love to delve into the artists we have around here! It's the most erotic scintillating deliciousness you can find! And today, you get to see the works of Zed's Labs! Aren't you excited? I know I am! Well let's get to it!

Where to begin? At the beginning of course! Zed's Labs brings you hot 3D imagery and even hotter women in all their curvaceous beauty! From that lady with a gun, wow, I really want her outfit, I mean, she's got it all. I was enthralled with way it all just popped out at me, to where I thought I could just reach out, touch and drag my finger tips along ever lustful depiction. Oh! But there's also the comics! And creatures galore, the sense of danger and excitement. Captivity is just around the corner and you just never know what's going to happen next! There is just so much here, I don't want you to miss it. We'll go in together, make sure you are comfortable because once we enter, you'll be on the edge of your seat! Ready? Let's hurry!

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