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Thanks for your interest in joining the Erotic Illusions family. By now you should have enough information to get started.

If you are still unsure please return to the introduction page and use the form there to clear up any questions. Remember we are always here to help you, every step of the way. We don't just give you an automated script and leave you to sink or swim. That's what sets us apart and why so many of your fellow artists and writers have been with us for five years and more.

The form below will be used as the basis for creating your paysite and previews. Once we receive it, we should be back in touch with you in no more than 48 hours to help you get started. Do note that certain ISP's are difficult about e-mail so it will help if you whitelist and to make sure you receive our mails. If you haven't heard from us in 48 hours please notify WebWych or use the contact form within Erotic Illusions site.

Remember you never have to pay us anything and we don't make a penny from this unless you are making money too. So we have plenty of incentive to help you succeed and you will never be just another number once you join the family here. Welcome to Stormbringer Enterprises and Erotic Illusions!


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