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Angelo Michael

Angelo Michael! Angelo Michael! AngeÖ Oh! Sorry! Iím Candice and I thought if I said the name three times the Artist would put me in the pictures so I can play in all the delicious worlds created! What? Thatís just a myth? Why am I standing here in only a pink boa? I thought that was part of the ritual? No? UmmÖ It's fashionable! Right!

Blast and double cursing words I donít say! I thought I was really on to something there and all this time it was a joke around the office! But thatís ok! I wonít feel so cloistered anymore! I mean, I can look at them! See them? It's Angelo Michael's Cloistered art. Doesnít it just sing to you? Each piece tells a story and each story makes my knees tremble! The matching expressions help and make me feel as if I am in it. Just the feeling I want you to get, so hurry up! Follow me! I bet we can find you a pink boa! And together we can rule the... umm... the stuff! We can be the Masters of Art Stuff! Well, at least the Masters of looking at Art Stuff! Would you like that? I know I would.

Angelo depicts the worlds of a Cloister with Sisters and everything that gives you that slight creepy feeling crawling up your spine, what with the sinister backdrop and eye popping splash of color that really reveals this Artist to be at the top of the game. Along with The Cave and The Lair, you just HAVE to come back with me! I promise, I wonít let go of your hand, or whatever else you wish me to hold onto!

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