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Now don't start getting any funny ideas just because we're talking about rings. I belong to SBE and no plans to get married!

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Rings! Stormbringer said he would like to put some of those through my pointy bits, or in even worse places! But that's where I managed to put my foot down and not end up flat on my back for once. I told him it was hard enough doing my job in the clothes supplied without giving visitors and artists some new excuse to do naughty things to me. He agreed that doing naughty things and being hard were important considerations when he hired me, which I didn't quite understand. But at least that was the end of that discussion. Though not the end of my visit to his office. Not by a long way!

Oh, hold on a second... No, not there! I see now. It isn't that sort of ring they're talking about. It's one of those circle type of things where what goes around, comes around, or something like that. Well that sounds rather nice. You can go look at all those other naughty sites... ermmmm... if you like that sort of thing of course. It wouldn't suit a nice girl such as myself but since you're here I guess you do like that sort of thing. And perhaps it will take your mind off how hard you're making my nipples by drawing little rings around them with your fingertip... and the other place where he wanted to put a ring...

Visiting Our Web Ring

The Erotic Illusions webring is a ring of sites all dedicated to the subject of erotica in art. This can be traditional artwork or the newer styles created using such tools as Poser. All sites on the ring are checked periodically to make sure they fit our topic, so as a visitor you can follow links while being assured that you will find what you expect to find. Or as a website owner specializing in erotic art, you can join the ring and know that the visitors it sends you are interested in the topic of your site. A win-win situation!

List of Erotic Art Sites in the Ring
Erotic Art Pot Luck - Visit a Random Erotic Art Site

If you find one of the sites in our ring is using excessive and intrusive advertising, or no longer displays erotic art, please let us know:

Report a Misleading or Unfriendly Site

Webmasters and the Erotic Illusions Web Ring

Joining the ring is very easy and is also a good way for you to bring more visitors to your site whilst knowing they are already interested in what it is that you display.

The only qualifications are:

  • You have a site that is dedicated to erotic art, or where that subject is a major theme
  • You do nothing to promote underage sex in any way at all
  • The site is genuine, with content - not a CJ or gateway
  • The use of hostile advertising such as pop-ups is minimal

Signing up

To join this erotic art web ring first complete the short form here:

Join The EI Webring

After you complete the signup, you will be supplied the HTML code that is to be placed on your page. Please be sure to add it promptly to the URL that you specified in the application. If we can't find it, we won't add your site - we don't go hunting for it!

Once your site is approved you will be mailed to let you know and you will start receiving visitors. Please do remember not to move the code to a different URL without editing your details. Apart from the thing not working properly, we do random checks and if we can't see the ring code we delete your site.

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