Erotic Illusions

Hi! I'm Candice and I'll show you around this wonderful site.


Hi and welcome to Erotic Illusions. I'm Candice and I'll be your hostess, guiding you around the site while trying to keep you from guiding yourself around my body! I mean, OK, a girl does like to feel appreciated but I'm sure you could manage to do it without there being quite so much feeling involved, if you get my drift. After all, I'm only human and try as I might, I can't help but get distracted by all those wandering hands, mouths, tentacles and other bits. Then I get carried away and find myself carried away onto the nearest flat surface so you can take advantage of my good nature.

I really do try to be good ... yes, I know ... I am good, but that's not what I meant. I really do try to do my important work here, showing you around the site and helping you find what you're looking for. After all, that's why Stormbringer employed me in the first place. Not as some people might say, just so he could be first in line to do naughty things with me. No! He definitely told me that I was a valuable asset to his organization and I do my best to live up to his expectations as well as his demands. It would just help if I got more clothes to wear!

Anyway, you didn't come here to listen to me going on about myself. But .... mmmffhhhh .... no, putting that in my mouth isn't the best way to get me to be quiet! Now stop being naughty and click the button. Not that button! The one just below here, so you can get into the site. But .... errrm ... if you really want to keep playing with that button, I'll come along with you and ... ummmm ... keep you company along the way. But I should warn you, all of the free erotic art and the sexy stories in here do tend to make me go all warm and squishy inside, so I may not be able to restrain myself!

NOTICE: The following pages contain a large collection of free erotic art, 3D nudes and cartoon sex. By clicking Enter you affirm that you are at least 18 years old, that you have a legal right to view adult material, that you are entering this site solely for your personal entertainment, that you are not offended by graphic representations of nudity and sexual acts, and that you will not show the contents to anyone under the age of 18. This is an adult fantasy art site exempt from USC2257.