Erotic Illusions

Will you come visit me in my home?

Your Erotic Journey Starts Here

Ah, there you are! I was waiting for you. What kept you? I don't like to be here all alone! Within these pages lies the erotic path of 2D and 3D artwork that reaches out, screaming to be seen. Fantasy and mayhem. Mind twisting games of a radical chase. A sensual satisfaction of eye candy and monsters that linger in dark corners waiting to come out. Waiting for that one slippery tendril to catch the hair of its victim.

Now that I have your attention, can I lead you on the hunt for more? Of course I can! But be very careful. There are so many things here that I still don't understand. And yet, it just twists my tummy up all the while I'm here. It's very shocking to me how they have the time to just make you feel oooohh all day. OK, follow me for the fieriest, most gut-wrenching erotic art you could hope to find. I only ever peek through my fingers myself, but it never seems to help. These monsters and wickedly wanton humans keep finding me anyway! But at least they finally unknotted those ropes that were binding me. So now that I'm free and I've recovered a bit, I plan on taking you to a world you just can't believe. I know I can't! Experience it with me; maybe you could hold my hand? Just in case, you know. I simply never know what they have in store for me. Come with me down this road, from ravaging monsters to college hotties waiting to be subdued.

Will you come visit me in my home?

There's a fantastic series of galleries to sift through, from artists that don't know the meaning of quit but do know the meaning of sexual play. From the wink of a vixen waiting to lure you in, to the unimaginable breath-catching danger of an aroused demon, you'll feel it all. You'll beg for those wanton lips to part further, those limbs to spread wider with abandon, those soft curves to press their yielding warmth against you. Goodness, I'm getting all fuzzy feeling inside! How do they do it? It's just not fair on a girl such as me! I always seem to be hearing the subtle moans of greedy need and barely catching out of the corner of my eye the hardcore strokes of a Master's control. Art control of course! That's obviously what I meant!

Our pages are filled with everything your eager heart desires. Whetting the appetite and still giving you more and more. Don't let me take this journey alone, please?

Do you ever wonder why I, Candice, pink haired nobody from a small town in the middle of nowhere was chosen to present our world to you? So do I! I don't seem to stand out or have any special skills. But risk this trip with me and I'll watch your backside if you watch mine. Oh! You're watching it already! With your hand! I know I'm here to entertain you, but I didn't know it could be so much fun! I'll whisper in your ear of what could be around the next corner. Just don't let go of me! Its scary in here sometimes. But no ... don't hold too tight. Not right there! I bruise easily and it so shows up on my pale, milky flesh.

Free screensaver featuring Candice!

I'll take you on a trip from comics that are an alluring mixture of fantasy and illusion, to the rendering of art that seems surreal. And I do mean, surreal! Honestly, such tragedy and emotion and all those naughty bits shaking! It should be illegal! Well, only after I've had a peek. Maybe ... I mean ... not that I linger behind the curtain but sometimes I just feel this need to watch. I can't control myself! Beauty and mystery await us, really! The capture of your attention is already mine and I am greedy for more. Aren't you? Oh I just knew I'd win you over! By the way, could you hold my bag? I keep little extras like spare clothes in there. Why? Are you kidding me? Every time I'm in here some disreputable human or some ... creature ... is ripping my things off. And I just don't understand why! I always look my best for them! So if they want my special red party dress, they should just ask for it, I always carry extras! Though once they have the thing, they don't even seem to really want it anyway. They just throw it away and start to ... well ... I can hardly tell you what they do. I don't really know you all that well yet and you might start getting wicked ideas about tying me up. Umm, let's get moving before your hands wander any further and I end up getting into trouble again!.

Environmental Impact Statement

Stormbringer Enterprises understands that the environment is of increasing importance to a large number of our visitors. So we have taken steps to assure you that your visit here does not in any way conflict with your valid concerns about global issues. Maybe one day all web sites will show the same degree of public-spirited responsibility!

Key Facts:

  • All our girls have been extensively hand-tested by our staff to ensure that their hot bodies do not impact upon overall worldwide temperature increases. However, we understand that many of our visitors get very heated during their time here, so we recommend the regular application of cold showers to avoid adding to global warming.
  • Couples whose friction-index passes the national median when they indulge in frenzied sex after visiting this site should complete the appropriate forms and mail them to the Environmental Protection Agency. Or if you feel really kinky, mail them to us with photos!
  • All of our models are certified completely free of any use of silicone or CFCs in their manufacture. Yes, even the ones with massive tits!
  • All lubricants used during sex acts are tested to be 100% natural, biodegradable and taste quite nice too.
  • Stocks, pillories and X-frames are made from wood entirely sourced from sustainable forests. The girls are quite sustainable too, even if they look rather the worse for wear after a session!
  • Leather items like cuffs, whips and fetishwear are only made from the skins of animals who died naturally in their sleep after a long and productive life.
  • Recycling – we understand that our ultra-exciting artwork can lead to an increase in the sales of various paper tissue products. We recommend the use of recycled materials for this purpose. Or better still - use your girlfriend’s mouth!
  • Alien appendages and tentacles are certified to be made from 100% organic materials. Since they are known to raise the girl's heat-index considerably, their use normally takes place in other dimensions where the resultant rise in temperature can be safely controlled.
  • No fantasy creatures were harmed during the creation of our artwork. Although quite a few of them needed a long holiday to recover from the demands placed upon them by our enthusiastic girls!

Candice graphics on Erotic Illusions created by DireLilith

Bounty hunter L`aquera in the sci-fi fantasy tale Defiance of Night
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