Erotic Illusions

Don't think you can make free with my bits, just because of what it says here!

Free Sites

Free! I love that word! Don't you? Of course you do silly! Who doesn't like free stuff? And there's a variety of artists names just below us that offer you these great free bits. From erotica posing to comics and delicious undertakings! Come on, I'll be peeking right over your shoulder the entire time! What? You want to be peeking over mine? Ok! Just hold on tight! Umm. It's okay if you want to hold my waist, but I don't remember my breasts being made into hand holders! Silly!

See; now let's run through the list of names! Just so you can get familiar with each erotic artist and we can have a taste of the goodies! By the way, though they offer great free stuff! And they do! I assure you of that, don't forget that if you really love a particular artist, you can sign up to be a member and dive into more and more fantastical, illusions of erotica and stories of domination and rough sex. Oh, and don't forget fetishes and spankings! I love spankings! Each one offers you everything from beasties to fantasy and definitely the most heart pounding chases you've come to want. Trust me, just hold on tight to... umm whatever you want and I'll lead you down the best paths you could ever wish for.

Let's start with some completely free sites that Stormbringer and the nice people here provide as a way to say thank you to everyone in the erotic online community. Then we'll touch on the free sites from individual artists and writers. No... don't stop listening at the word 'touch' and... mmmmh.... well, OK, then... but do look at the list while you're doing that to me...

Stormbringer Enterprises

There's more than meets the eye to the rather ordinary looking offices which house the creators of this and other web sites. Much more! Within those walls are many strange and erotic secrets to be found. But beware! Not every visitor leaves with their innocence intact... to say nothing of their clothing...

SBE also has a free for all erotic art gallery located at After Dark Fantasies. Do drop in to admire the pictures or to add some of your own sexy art.

Visit SBE Tower
Visit SBE Free4All Gallery

Candice Corner

Candice Comics - A free new erotic comic every month!

Join our own rather naive but extremely sexy and very available hostess Candice in her own personal corner of the internet. Take a look at the free comics and stories, or drop in to the artists pages and see how they've been mistreating and abusing our pink-haired babe! And while you're there, remember to check out the free screensaver and other goodies.

Visit Candice Corner

Creators Free Sites and Blogs

When they're not busy with new creations for their members to salivate over, some of our very active artists and writers also create their own free sites as places to pass on news and talk in depth about their work:

Stormbringer Enterprises takes no responsibility for the content of these sites, which are self-administered by the individual artists and writers.

You can find links to these in the artists listing pages.

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