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New free erotic art! Yummy! Oh... even more artists chasing me!

New Erotic Artists

I must be doing a good job here because we often get new artists and writers joining our community. They say it's so they can show their creations off to the best audience in the world. And maybe it is. But just between you and me... I think they also come here so they get a chance to chase me around and tie me up and do all those naughty things that make me all warm and squishy so that I forget to say no to them!

They're almost as bad as you are, what with your wandering hands and... hold on, that isn't your hand is it! And I didn't mean literally 'hold on'! Not there at least! It makes my buttons pop out and then I... get so... oh well, I suppose I have to be a good tour guide and the customer is always right and it does feel sort of... nice. But you really do have to take a look at these people who have just arrived. I did earlier and I can tell you, it... ummmm... no I don't think I can safely tell you. You'll have to go look for yourself. I'll be here waiting when you get back!


Erotic Art and Stories


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  • BlakeStronge
    BlakeStronge's Bondage Gallery
    BlakeStronge's Bondage Gallery

    Arousal, submission, and humiliation are just a few of the emotions you will find in Blake Stronge's exquisite Bondage Gallery.

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