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Erotic stories can be so sexy, filling your brain with erotic images

Erotic Stories

Here we are at the area where all the writers are listed. I do like a good story but some of the things they write about send goosebumps all down my spine. Yes... just there... no, a bit higher up. That's not my spine. Your hands do seem to suffer from gravity every time they get close to my shoulders or waist!

Still, it is rather comforting having you keep me company when I read about what those poor girls (and sometimes guys) go through in the name of literature. But at the same time, even when they're being mistreated and molested, instead of feeling sympathy for them I just get all tingly and I'm silently urging the author to keep abusing their creations even more... Go on, I think to myself! Give it to them good! Make them squirm!

Oooooo.... no, not me!! I meant the fictional characters in these stories. You don't want to make poor little me squirm and moan and beg you to.... nnnggghhhh.... Oh dear, I guess you do....

Well maybe I'll ... owwww .... ok, ok, you don't have to be so forceful. I get enough of that off Stormbringer. All you had to do was ask nicely, tickle me in all the right places and go look at the stories first. I do have my job to think about after all, and if I don't show you round properly I'll end up in trouble!


Erotic Writers


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  • Blackstar
    Blackstar's Orbit
    Blackstar's Orbit

    Beings from the underworld, things from the depths of space, creatures from the realms of magic, all with one thing in mind, warm female flesh.

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  • Brendan
    Brendan's Bondage Stories
    Brendan's Bondage Stories

    Beautiful female captives are stripped, whipped and humiliated in these erotic tales of slavery and imprisonment.

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  • Deathstalker
    DS's Erotic Fiction
    DS's Erotic Fiction

    Have you ever wondered what a television show would be like if you were writing it? A movie, or cartoon if you were in control? Deathstalker did, and he rewrote them in delightful ways to thrill and tantalize the readers!

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