Candice Corner

erotic art featuring candice

Candice can't help looking sexy and available for you

No! I'm not going to look. And you can't make me! I don't care if Stormbringer does spank me again. Not even with the way he makes me bend over his knee, and pulls my panties down... followed by those hard slaps that make my bottom tingle and make it feel all hot and... Bother! I seem to be getting side-tracked again. He says being disciplined part of my job description and that if I don't go along with it when I've made a mistake he'll just have to find a new mascot. But I looked in my contract and all it said was the employee was supposed to be flexible about any decisions the owners made concerning her welfare and disposition. Flexible! I'll say! Tied up in dis position and dat position! I suppose that's what it meant but I don't think it's quite correct grammar. Do you? And even though he says it's only part of his own job description to do hands-on training... well, he certainly gets his hands on everything. And I'm beginning to suspect he might like it too!

If I didn't enjoy this job so much, and if it wasn't so important to you that I'm here to meet you when you arrive... well I might... I mean, there would be things I'd miss if I left here. Like the way you look after me, even if you do hold on to me in some rather naughty places while we wander about the sites. And the way you.... ummm, well I think I'll change that subject before you start again! Where was I?

No, I'm pretty sure I wasn't kneeling down doing that for you!! Oh yes, I remember. I was just saying I'm not going to look. No! Whatever you say. I'm sorry but it's bad enough the way all these things keep happening. Getting grabbed by monsters and humans, tied up, having my clothes stripped off, getting ravaged or tortured almost every time I turn my back for a second. All those thick tentacles and big cocks and hot lesbian dildos and... am I shivering? It must be the thought of it making goosebumps up my spine.

Err... no... those aren't goosebumps and that's not my spine either but .... ooooo .... it does help me take my mind off what's behind me. All those nasty artists and writers showing the whole world everything that happened to me. No, don't worry. Not quite everything. No one is watching us. You're safe here with me so, please... help me forget where we are for a moment. What? You want to see all the pictures? Hmmph... well just don't expect me to be so friendly when you get back.

Oh. I see! You only want to look so you can console me better on your return. Well, that is really nice and thoughtful of you. But don't stay away too long. I get lonely here.

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