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It seems like someone is always coming up with new ways to spread pictures of me around the Internet. This time it's DireLilith who has created a way for 3D artists to easily replicate me. With or without clothes! And yes, I can just guess which you're thinking of right now too...

All you Poser artists have to do is download the zip file and install it into your program and there I am... just waiting for you to unleash your naughty imaginations by dressing me up and putting me into any sort of erotic situation that you can dream up. And Mr Stormbringer will even post some of your creations right here on my web site without even consulting me or taking my feelings into consideration!

Just look to the top of this page to see what that fiendish Mr Niceman has already done to me...


Candice unzipped and naked

I got told that I must provide you with a link to the zip file you need to download. So I'm going to have to do that or I'll get in trouble again. Just remember that I'm a sweet and innocent girl really, so I'm sure you wouldn't want to show me getting tied up, assaulted, explored and probed by all sorts of thick, hard, yummy ... err... horrid... phallic shapes, even if it does look as though I enjoy stuff like that. It just shows how hard I try to please all those people and creatures who make demands on my good nature. Yes, that's it! I'm just a good actress who tries to do her important work here!

Anyway, you'll need to download the zip file below and you will need:

Download Candice Pose MAT and Hair Zip

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other artistic media

2D artists

Traditional artists are welcome to take inspiration from any of the pictures or stories about Candice that are included within Candice Corner, Erotic Illusions, Stormbringer Enterprises, etc. If you want to, send us a copy along with your working name and anything else you want such as an email contact address, a site URL, etc. If we like it we'll put it within these pages and give you credit.

In return, if you are posting elsewhere or profiting from the art, we would appreciate some passing reference to ourselves, preferably with the URL of Candice site here.

photo manipulations

Manipulators will find a fairly comprehensive set of Candice images on DireLilith's art page. These may be used as an element in your artwork but we can't give permission for other artist's interpretations of Candice to be used because we don't hold copyright to them. We just display them with the artists permissions.

If you want to send some of your creations to us and we like them, we'll add them to these pages and give you credit. If you use them elsewhere, you could be nice enough to give us a mention along with the URL of this site.

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We welcome writers using their imaginations to weave Candice into their stories, or even use her as the major character. We like reading the resultant adventures too, so if you want to, send them along. If we like them and if they fit the fantasy being woven around Candice and others here, we'll even post them on the site for you. In return it would be appreciated if you include a disclaimer in your stories that the Candice character is copyrighted to Stormbringer Enterprises and used with permission. A link to this site would be nice too...

You should certainly be able to get a good idea of how she looks and her personality from the pictures and pages you come across within our sites. But if you want some details that may not be readily apparent, along with guidelines for what is likely to get stories accepted for publishing by ourselves, there is a short list below which you may find useful.


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fair use

Candice and the stories and art within this site are all copyrighted to someone. Mostly the copyright is held by Stormbringer Enterprises but items credited to others are copyright their owners. We give you the right to use items and concepts owned by SBE for your own creative work, personal entertainment or for free distribution providing you acknowledge that copyright and make fair use of what we have made available.

We don't do much to restrict you from copying art from here or downloading the free items and using them or distributing them to others. It's a major part of why this site exists, to provide free entertainment and resources for those who love erotic art and those who work within that medium. So in return, we think it reasonable to expect you to act within the same spirit. By all means download stuff, use it, pass it around other places. But please don't do things like hotlinking to our downloads or chopping the copyright from pictures and passing them off as your own work.

We know that at least 90% of you are decent people who we can rely on to respect what we are doing and playing fair with what we provide here. But there's always a few who want to use the work of others for their own selfish ends. So if you come across such abuse, please do take the time to drop us a note and let us know.

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Thank you!

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