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Candice plays with her big firm tits to make the nipples even harder for you!

Oh my!! It's not enough that they plaster my naked body all over the web sites. Now they want to have me spread all over your computer too! Wallpapers, screensaver... even a virtual girl who looks like me and who gyrates in the most shameless manner in the corner of your screen. You would never catch me doing anything like that for real! It makes me look positively wanton. And no... not want'n you, you naughty person!! It's just not the sort of thing that a good girl like me would do in public. Or in private either come to that. Well... not unless someone got very persuasive and worked me up into such a state that I forgot myself!

I guess there will be no stopping you after this. It was difficult enough getting you to keep your hands to yourself before. But now those bad people at Xaya 3D have given you all these things to raise your lust even higher; an erotic screensaver, wallpapers and what they have the nerve to call a Virtual Candice! And they don't even want you to pay for them! They're giving my most intimate features away for free and positively encouraging you to come in here and molest me in the most naughty ways!!

Stormbringer Says: The free Candice screensaver, wallpapers and Virtual Candice are provided by courtesy of Xaya 3D. Please support them by visiting their site where they have a growing collection of erotic screensavers, virtual babes and other items. They really are worth a look. I was blown away by some of their creations.

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I wouldn't be surprised if just looking at these things made you feel all rampant and you started thinking about how it would feel to pin me down and take advantage of my good nature in trying to keep all of our guests happy. Then you'd probably come looking for me and grab hold so I couldn't get away... do all sorts of wicked things to my naughty bits until I was helpless to resist and I got all hot and squishy and flustered and... oooooo... maybe it's not all so bad after all. Ermmm... I mean... how awful that Mr. Stormbringer is encouraging you to want to do all those lewd and naughty things to me. You do, don't you? I won't fight too hard...


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Have you ever imagined what Candice would look like, bumping and grinding and moving her sexy body around just to please you? Now you need imagine no longer because a fully animated Candice can inhabit a corner of your monitor, and dance to your command while you concentrate on that spreadsheet or essay. It even has a 'boss key' so you can hide her away quickly when you need to.

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