Candice Corner

the latest erotic adventures of candice

Candice arches her back to emphasise those big, juicy tits!

Yes, yes, I know... you can't wait to find out what new and embarrassing situations I've found myself in recently. You people are all the same, obsessed with the way I keep losing my clothes and getting taken advantage of by a whole series of humans and aliens and gosh-knows what else. If you weren't so... attentive... and didn't make me feel so needed I think I'd have wanted to quit ages ago and gone back to being a nonentity instead of trying to do my important work for Mr. Stormbringer.

You know, just between you and me, I sometimes think he may actually be encouraging some of these invasions of my personal space; to say nothing of the invasions of my personal... person! But if I say anything about it, you can bet that somehow breaks some rule in the small print of my contract. At least that's what Mr. Stormbringer says, though I don't know how he can read it. I tried with a magnifying glass and it just looked like gibberish to me. He had to explain that all contracts are written in a special language called Legalese, which they didn't teach us at my high school. Maybe all the lawyers come from a foreign country or something?

Anyway it's all there in my contract that I signed after the boss had finished his extremely intensive interviewing of me and at the time I couldn't even walk straight, let alone think straight! So I only found out later there's even a part of it that says I can't ever quit my job. Not that I want to really. Mr. Stormbringer is a really considerate person to work for; he never seems to be too busy to point out what I've done wrong and what the penalty is, even though it usually takes hours of his valuable time to tie me up properly and take the necessary disciplinary action. And I mean... it's not just the employee relations either, though they do make me feel really wanton... errr... wanted. Job satisfaction is very important too, isn't it. And I certainly get to do plenty of that in this job. Why, there's so many of our important guests who need satisfying that sometimes I have to find new panties four or five times in a single day!


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