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I must say I was more than a little surprised about this. That Edgar Rocha seemed such a nice guy... for an artist at least. They're all just a little weird if you want my opinion. Anyway he was always nice and polite and never took too much advantage of the way I seem to keep bursting out of my uniform. But now he's atarted doing a comic strip with really quite personal details of things that happened to me. And I never even realised he was watching! Now is that sneaky or what?

Of course he does make me look quite pretty and he's rather cute too, so I suppose I'll have to forgive him. But I really hope he wasn't around when I was... ummmm... oh, no... I really can't tell you about that time. It was far too intense. And I don't know what came over me to wear out half a dozen humans and four monsters in a single afternoon.... Maybe it was something I drank.

Anyway, keep checking back here often. I mean... don't keep checking back here often! You really don't want to see all the new pages of my experiences that he has promised to keep adding here. Do you? I'm sure you have better things to do than look at a growing collection of comic strips of little old me getting into all sorts of the most awful escapades. Don't you?

No, I guess not. You people are all the same! Can't seem to get enough of watching me used and ravaged and humiliated by an endless stream of assailants... Oh well, go ahead then, here they are, though I don't know why I'm supposed to introduce them like I'm happy to see all those embarassing times when I lose my clothes and my dignity. I mean, just because I tend to be a bit friendly towards people who then take advantage of my good nature by ripping my clothes off, fondling me, filling my every naughty place with their thick, hard.... errmm... well... here they are. You go look for yourself. No! Not at my... and not with your.... ooooo... well... if you're that insistent.... maybe... ooooo .... maybe I could spare just a few minutes.... but you have to look at the comics afterwards or Stormbringer will punish me.


Edgar Rocha

Kim Young

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